Please call us for approximate quote. For finale quotes it is imperative to physically see the vehicle, surface, project we have to work on. Prices do vary by each and every project, as merely no project is the same.


    Scorpion commercial solutions are designed to be tough.  Tough enough for the rigors of industrial use and abuse.  We work with many manufacturers, commercial and industrial industries and up-fitters of every size throughout the world.

    Many consider Scorpion Coatings to be just a spray in bedliner company. they couldn’t be more wrong. Scorpion Truck Bed Liners is an industry leader in commercial and industrial coatings as well.  True, Scorpion XO2 was originally created to offer applicators a better solution to the truck bed liner market.  However, since XO2’s inception in 1996, Scorpion has expanded the XO2 product line to include multiple coating formulations consisting of ZBG (Zero Biological Growth), Fire Retardant, High Pressure Polyurea Systems and Cartridge Systems.

    From emergency ambulance flooring to crane platforms, no job is too tough for Scorpion Coatings. Some of our customers have even gotten quite creative in their own application of Scorpion Coatings’ products, take a look here.

    So whatever your need is, chances are Scorpion Coatings has a solution for you. We are proud to be an industry leader in both automotive and commercial applications.

    – Extreme Performance Coatings
    – Low Equipment Costs Simple – Easy to use Equipment
    – No Capital Investment Fees
    – Custom Texture Options (from glass smooth to extremely rough)
    – Granular Additive Options
    – Custom Color Options

    And More! Contact us today.